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We’ve improved our rowing kit….

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What’s new with our custom gig rowing kit for this season?

We’re always looking at ways to improve the garments we provide the rowing community with and have listened to lots of feedback from different clubs. Hopefully the improvements listed below are all well received. They are designed to help improve your performance and make sure that members are wearing kit that fits well and feels good.

AGAME Rowing Jacket – we’ve made two improvements to our popular rowing jacket for the 2019 season. You can check out further details here.

  • Firstly, we’ve updated and improved the fabric to our new microstretch fabric. This is slightly lighter, more waterproof and slightly stretchier than the previous fabric. The feedback we’ve had so far has been really positive, but we welcome your comments and thoughts. Please note all rowing jacket orders placed from now on will be in the new fabric. 
  • Secondly, we’ve introduced a ladies rowing jacket. Built in the same way our unisex rowing jacket is, with the longer back, option of a hood and different zip lengths and a pocket on the back, but the fit is tapered and more shapely. Again the feedback on this garment from the samples we’ve shown have also been really positive. If you’d like us to add this option to your online shop with us then please let us know. 

AGAME Ladies Standard Vest

  • We’ve taken on board the feedback from the rowers that had ordered our standard vest and have updated the pattern so it now fits like the racerback version and has the same neck shape and shoulder strap. The only noticeable difference now is the standard back against the racerback. Both are available in regular or long lengths. 

Ladies Leggings

  • We’re really pleased to say that we’ve updated the waistband and fit for the ladies leggings (and all other lengths). There is now an 8cm waistband with a thinner piece of elastic that secures the leggings much more comfortably. 

– AGAME Mens Vest 

  • Similar to the ladies vest, we’ve improved the fit and neck line for the mens vest for this season. The neck line has been re shaped so it fits and feels more comfortable and we’ve sized the vest down. We felt the vests were oversize, so hopefully by sizing them down we’ve brought them back to a more comfortable size. If you were a medium in the vest before then you would be a large this time round. The medium previously would have been a very large medium.

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