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Adrian Noott


The big man, the head honcho, Mr AGAME himself! Adrian set up AGAME Sports Ltd 3 years ago with the goal of supplying high quality kit to schools and clubs. And we are doing just that! ‘Nootty’, is a keen cricketer currently playing for Truro CC in the Cornwall premiership. He also partakes in Forrest Gump's signature game of Table Tennis. Just give this guy a bat and a ball and he’ll give it a knock!

Fern Nicholls


In 2013 Fern joined the AGAME team. Fern is a numbers girl. She takes care of all finances and accounts that go through AGAME. However don’t let that fool you, ‘Ferniss’ is a keen Netballer, who is a danger on the court when she has her eye in for Penzance Netball club. That’s her winter, and in the summer she is bowling for both Plympton and Cornwall Cricket club's. We’re yet to find a sport she can’t do.

Hannah Spicer

Sales Coordinator

The voice of AGAME! Most of you who have been in touch with the main office, will have dealt with Hannah already. Since joining AGAME at the beginning of 2015, ‘H’ has helped put processes in place as well as work on some of our bigger projects we’ve under taken this year. Believe it or not, Hannah is still learning about team sports, but that’s not for want of trying. Feel free to get in touch and quiz her on terminology of your chosen sport!

Adam Nicholas


After asking Adam for a short sentence or two on his background, this is his response...After spending 7 years working for the secret service, and being awarded the Victoria Cross on a record 8 occasions I decided that my skills were not being utilised to their maximum… I discussed Einstein’s theory of relativity, and re wrote this in 8 different languages (whilst blindfolded) – but the challenge still wasn’t great enough…. Won the masters at golf and only played the 4 rounds with a shovel and a snooker que…. Still I was lacking something, then I met Adrian!! – my life then finally met something…. I don’t know if it was the hours we chatted on the phone, or his outstanding wit…… or just because he brought along a pack of haribo to the meeting, but that swung it for me! Also a part-time fiction writer (nothing published to date).

Alexa Blake

Sales Support Coordinator

Even though Alexa is the newest addition to the AGAME family, you'd think she'd been here since day one! Coming from a background of working in schools, you're most likely to encounter 'Lex' when enquiring about PE kits and online shops. Arguably the toughest member of the A-Team, Lex's choice of weapon when it comes to sport is a Hockey stick and a gum shield. Beware, she was the 2013 & 2014 Top Fouler of the year at her previous hockey club.

Core Values