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Choosing your next Custom Netball Kit

Custom Netball Kit

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Choosing a custom netball kit supplier can be both nerve-racking and exciting all at the same time! With so many different variables it’s tough to know who best to go with. A lot of the time it’s down to price, but factors to bear in mind can be lead-time, customisation options (sizes and colours), how it performs and also after-care. 

We believe we’ve got the right mix of it all at AGAME Sports, putting you and your team first and understanding that everybody’s needs are different. 


Ultimately when you step onto the court you want to perform every single time. Whether you win or lose you want to be able to say you gave it your all for those 60 minutes. Our custom Netball dresses are designed to perform at the highest level.

When playing you need to feel comfortable in what you’re wearing and let your game do the talking. Our Elite Netball Dress does just that, it uses a mix of lightweight performance fabrics, MICRODOT, EYESTRETCH and THTSTRETCH, all of which supports comfort, breathability and performance. 


The human body is a beautiful thing. It comes in all different shapes and sizes and has the ability to do some incredible things. That’s why we don’t just have a ‘one-length’ netball dress, instead we offer the option for four different lengths to fit any height!


Other than receiving your new kit, picking a design for it is definitely the most exciting part of the process. We have library of designs available to you or you can send us a brief and with our team of talented designers we can help bring that vision to life!

Our Racerback, Pro and Elite dresses are all sublimated meaning you have any colours and any sponsors, logos, names etc. included all at no extra cost. 


One of the first things you’ll want to know is how long will it take. From artwork approval we send off the final design to our factory and they begin production. We usually state a 4 -6 week lead-time (we’re usually on the sooner side of this) but we always give you an estimated delivery date once the order has been made. 

We also keep you updated with progress of production letting you know what stage we’re at.


Looking after you is our top priority. We don’t want you to feel like once the kit has been delivered our relationship stops there. We LOVE seeing our kits in-action so we always look to engage with you on social media. We also love getting feedback from our customers, making sure they’re happy with they’re new dresses (they always are) and if there was anything they feel we could improve on for next time.

So, think we’ve got the right mix to be your next custom netball kit supplier? Get in touch today to begin your pursuit of excellence.

Photo Credit: KHK Media/Storm Netball Club

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