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The benefits of custom rugby kits for your team

Custom Rugby Kit

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Putting on a custom rugby kit transforms your team

With that shirt on your shoulders and badge on your chest, you’re no longer an individual; you’re a part of a team. A team that’s ready to attack. To defend. To score. To win. All in a custom rugby kit that ties you together in pursuit of the same goal.

When you step on to the pitch you should be ready to give it your all, to lay it all on the line for a chance at glory. In that moment, your only focus should be the success of your team. No distractions, just winning.

Whatever level you’re playing at, from school and college rugby to amateur clubs or league teams, to succeed, you need a kit that’s going to fit well, look great and help you perform. 

But, if you’re on the fence about investing in custom rugby kits for your team, read on to find out more about the benefits a team kit can bring. 

Custom rugby kits can unify your team

In any team sport, you need every player to pull together to put on a united front and dominate your opposition and that’s especially true in rugby. Your team trains hard to practice techniques and perfect passages of play so you can drive through your opposition, get into their 22 and score those all-important tries. 

But the team spirit isn’t just shown on the field. When the whistle blows and you head off in celebration or commiseration, a true team supports each other just as much off the pitch as they do on it. 

Creating a custom rugby kit emblazoned with your club’s logo, colours and team name can help your team to feel united. Wearing your team’s colours and logo proudly on your chest helps to bond members of the team together and remind them of their commitment to the club.

So that whenever members put on their custom rugby jersey, to train, to compete or in their downtime, they’re united as part of a team.

Intimidate your opposition

In rugby you need to show a united front against your opposition. Take the All Blacks starting their games with a Haka for example, they do it to intimidate their opposing team, a tradition that’s become a well-loved staple of the New Zealand team’s matches. 

But intimidating your opposing team isn’t just found in symbolic gestures like the Haka, although the All Blacks are undoubtedly a force to be reckoned with. Intimidating your opposition in rugby is all about putting on a united front. 

Your team’s line of defence needs to be completely solid, not letting a single player through. In rugby, there’s no room for error or showing weakness. When the team you’re playing is trying to break through your defence and get over your tryline or driving into your in a scrum, your team needs to be solid to stop them getting the upper hand. 

Intimidation and team unity in rugby comes from each player working together but also be boosted by your team’s appearance. Turning up in a scruffy, miss-matched kit of old t-shirts and shorts isn’t going to create the same level of intimidation that a complete custom kit does.  

A cohesive, custom rugby kit shows that your team takes the game seriously and is ready to attack and dominate over the opposition to bring home the win.

When your team presents a united and intimidating front, stood shoulder to shoulder like an army wearing a uniform of your team’s colours in your custom rugby kit, you’ll dominate your opposition and drive them back. 

Look professional in a custom rugby kit

Professionalism in sport is a mindset, an attitude that you carry through every aspect of your life, on and off the field. A sense of good sportsmanship, being a team player and taking every win and loss with grace and good humour are the markers of a great sportsperson. 

Success in any sport takes determination, dedication and a professional attitude. Whether it’s a training session on a cold, rainy morning, or a match that’s not going your way, keeping a professional attitude and attacking every move with determination and drive is essential. 

Each time your team steps on to the field they should be playing with the determination to win. This isn’t a casual kickabout in the park, it’s the time to put it all on the line for a chance at glory. 

A custom rugby kit can help to instil this professional mindset in your team. On or off the pitch, the pride of wearing your team’s badge on their chest will encourage your team members to emboy the values of your club and represent it professionally at all times.

And, personalised jerseys can bring a level of professionalism and determination to your team’s practice sessions and matches; arriving in matching uniforms shows you’re taking the game seriously, that you mean business and you’re there to win.

Play better with performance tech

The pride a team takes in their appearance reflects the pride they take in their performance. 

When you wear a kit that fits perfectly and looks great you can concentrate on performing your best. 

A custom rugby kit doesn’t just help your team to look more professional, it can actually help your team members to play better. At Agame, we use performance enhancing technology in all of our custom rugby kits. 

Our custom rugby shirts are designed to work with your body. Created with your movements in mind, our rugby shirts feature 4-way stretch and moisture-wicking technologies and innovative performance-enhancing silicone grip panels. 

We’ve designed our custom rugby shorts to fit perfectly no matter your position; whether you’re in the middle of a scrum, kicking a winning conversion or sprinting down the wings. Featuring lycra stretch panels specifically designed to aid your performance, you can play on safe in the knowledge your shorts are staying put.

We carefully check every stitch, every button and every seam of an AGAME rugby kit to ensure it’s the highest possible quality. So, whenever you play in one of our custom rugby kits, you know you’re going to be bringing your a-game. 

If you want to know more about creating a custom rugby kit for your team, speak to us today to find out what we can do for you. 

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