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5 things to think about when planning your new cricket kit….

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5 things to think about when planning your new cricket kit for this season…

With the new cricket season fast approaching our MD is getting very excited, he’s already dusting off his pads and gloves in preparation for winter nets. Whether playing county cricket, walking out for a world cup or just playing with your local club, we know how important it is for your team to look their best. As an outstanding custom cricket kit supplier ourselves, we’re just as excited to get working with our partner clubs as we are to start playing, so we thought this would be the perfect time to give you our 5 things to think about before ordering your new cricket kit for this season.

  1.      What colour do you want your kit to be?

From county championships to local leagues, more and more cricket clubs are moving away from the traditional cream playing kit and preferring to go with either a white or ivory range. Whilst this is certainly more striking, it can present a practical challenge when some players in the team end up wearing a mix of cream and white or ivory. We’ve all seen it and, in our opinion, it isn’t a look we’d want to encourage. Did anyone notice the England team wearing their traditional jumpers against their ‘playing kit’, which was a different shade!? We were delighted to hear that their kit partner was going to make the colours match more closely in the future. Our wide range of custom cricket kit gives you plenty of options to choose from and won’t leave your team looking mismatched when they take to the field.  

  1.      What trim colour do you want?

Most cricket kit is available with a navy, maroon or green trim, or is completely plain. Are these your colours? If so, then result – that allows you to choose an off the shelf option, which should speed up the delivery times. If it’s not then you are in most cases looking at a made-to-order shirt, so you will need to give yourself at least 4 weeks, but more likely 6-8 weeks for delivery, which means you’ll need to order before the end of February to get your kit in time for your first game.

  1.      How many sponsors have you got to get on the shirts?

If you’re lucky enough to have one of the off the shelf shirt options then your next consideration is how much extra printing will cost. A typical shirt costs about £20-£25, so by the time you’ve added a sponsor on the front of the shirt, a club logo and perhaps a name and number on the back you may well have added an extra £10 to the cost of each shirt. Just as a comparison a made-to-order, fully sublimated cricket shirt* (*which we will discuss in our next post) including as many logos and printing as you’d like would cost between £25 and £30 (for an order of 10 or more), meaning you can actually get way more for your money and a kit that’s unique to you. Plus, you have the flexibility to have different collar options, which isn’t something you’d get with an off the shelf kit.

  1.      Are the club ordering or has each player got to pay for their kit?

Once you’ve decided what kit you need then the next step is to work out whether someone at the club is ordering it, collecting money and distributing it, or whether you can set up an online shop with your chosen kit partner to take all the stress away from the volunteer and put the onus back on your teammates. Setting up an online shop to make ordering your club’s cricket kit is definitely one area where the internet has made the person in charge of kits job a whole lot easier! (As long as you find the right kit partner that is!)

  1.      What have I forgotten?

There’s a lot to remember when ordering your new personalised cricket kit, so make sure you’ve checked everything off your list. Have you chased up everyone who needs to place their orders? Have you got the committee to approve everything? Have the sponsors approved the size and positioning of their logos? Have you thought about a custom training kit to complement the playing kit? Have you ordered in time? Have you checked the washing instructions?!

We hope this helps, but if you do need any further information then please get in touch or check out our full range of custom Cricket kit.

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