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Why would you choose bespoke sportswear?

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Bespoke sportswear is quickly becoming the norm in a number of sports, most notably rugby, cricket, hockey, netball, and gig rowing to name a few, but why would you choose this option as a club? We explore some of the reasons below….

  1. In any sport or place of work, having your own identity is so important. We see it in everyday life without thinking about – when we’re at the supermarket when we’re watching Match of the Day or the rugby on TV. What these clubs have created is a personalised kit that is unique to them, that represents their values, their club colours and everything that is important to them. Ordering a bespoke kit gives you complete control over the colours, the design, the fabric and even smaller details like what type of stitching you’d like, that might add the X factor in feel and performance. An off the shelf kit simply doesn’t give the flexibility or control that makes the kit unique to you. You can check out a previous blog post about this here.
  2. Bespoke sportswear in simple terms can give your team that extra 1% in performance. Everyone loves new kit (please see our previous blog post about this here). It elevates a teams mood, it makes the individual feel better about themselves. Psychologically it adds that extra 1% which in turn can lead to improved performance and an improvement in results.
  3. Aside from the psychological benefits of wearing a new kit, practically bespoke sportswear is developed to improve performance. This could be in a number of forms. In its simplest form, it could be adding flatlock seams to a vest to reduce the chances of irritation. A more advanced way would be to have developed a fit and fabric that reduces drag and improves the speed at which you move. This is unlikely to happen from an off the shelf garment.
  4. In some cases with a custom cricket kit, a bespoke shirt will, in fact, be a cheaper option, not in all cases, but definitely in some. For example, a cricket shirt with multiple sponsors prints and your name and number on the back might add anything up to £10 to the base cost of the shirt. A sublimated bespoke cricket shirt, in this case, would cost up to £30 and include all the logos/sponsors etc at no extra cost and gives you the benefits of personalising the colours and design. Seems like a win, win all round!
  5. The beauty of having a bespoke shirt is that as long as you are happy with the design you can use it for as long as you want. You never need to worry about a shirt manufacturer changing their design or running out of stock, you take control of your kit, which in some markets is proving incredibly popular. Take Table Tennis, for example, every year the major kit suppliers change their shirt designs to encourage sales, but run their stock down from the previous year, so when you have a new member join it proves a real challenge to source the same shirt as the rest of the team. A bespoke shirt would solve this issue completely! You can check out our custom table tennis kit for more information.
  6. The most valuable reason for choosing a bespoke kit is your ability to work with your kit supplier to develop the fit and technical detail of the garment in order for it to work in your chosen sport. For example, we recently got approached by a local orienteering club. We’ve never made a personalised orienteering kit and wouldn’t claim to know what’s important for an orienteer. However, after careful discussion and testing, working with our pattern department we have developed our orienteering shirt. Quite simply it’s been designed by an orienteering club for orienteers to wear with confidence. This couldn’t happen with an off the shelf shirt!

We hope this provides some useful information, but if you did have any queries please don’t hesitate to get in touch on or check us out here.

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